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Merchant Builders: re-thinking the suburban dream

Merchant Builders: re-thinking the suburban dream

Fancy a stroll through Melbournes pioneering Mid-Century architecture?

"With a belief that suburban housing design could be more than monotonous rows of conventional, repetitive tract housing, Merchant Builders inspired a generation of home buyers providing an alternative of well designed houses that were appropriate to the Australian landscape, climatic conditions and lifestyle. They experimented with new types of subdivisions, building forms, internal zoning, sensitivity to the landscape and building efficiencies." 

The Robin Boyd Foundation takes us to the burbs of the 60s and offers design enthusiasts the chance to peruse through the private homes and architectural imprint formed by Merchant Builders. Founded in 1965 by David Yencken and John Ridge, Merchant Builders sought a collaborative approach to design and a fresh perspective of Australian suburban development. 

A design discussion with David Yencken will be hosted by The Robin Boyd Foundation at Walsh Street November 15th, followed by a self guided open day through the homes and estates designed and built by Merchant Builders.

Angelucci 20th Century is offering a double pass to The Robin Boyd Foundation 'Merchant Builders' Open Day

For the chance to win a double pass to the Open Day, Sunday November 20th - make sure you're subscribed to our fortnightly newsletter. Recipients of our next newsletter will then be able to email in for a spot at the Open Day. 

This is a unique chance to view and engage with Melbourne's architectural landscape from one of our favourite periods!

For more details or enquiries please contact us.